Unanswered Prayers? Then Read This Carefully...

"If You've Tried Everything And You Still Look And Feel OLDER Than Your Age, OR You're Stuck, OR Your Situation Is Hopeless, OR You Can't Seem To Change What You Keep Getting ...Then You May Need HELP."

And in a few days I’ll be flying out to attend the wedding of one of the participants in our just concluded Prayer Marathon for Singles. That one happened fast  … on Day 17 of the program. It’s not the only wonderful result to happen to my subscribers recently but it certainly is near the top of the list. Here's another:


"I wanted to let you know, from our conversation a couple of months ago, you shared with me that if I prayed the prayer of peace for Jerusalem, I would experience a financial breakthrough within 60 days. Do you remember that conversation? I was discouraged about my finances and you shared with me there were ways other than tithing and "seed money" to experience financial breakthroughs?

Within 60 days, true to what the Holy Spirit led you to share with me, I did receive several financial breakthroughs. :) Hallelujah!!!!!! I prayed for 60 days a specific prayer for Jerusalem during the "midnight hour" and God surely turned things around. "

-- Marina W, Chicago


If you’re wondering how we keep getting such tangible, PROVEN results like this,  then keep reading ....


From: Elisha Goodman                                                                                   Sunday 3:25 a.m.

Calvary Greetings...

When Christians online need urgent turnaround breakthroughs … Holy Spirit leads them to this site. 

When they need rapid promotion at work, PLUS double salary to go with it … Holy Spirit leads them to this site. 

When they need a brand new home, in spite of bad credit … Holy Spirit leads them to this site

When they desperately need to meet their godly spouse, after uncountable disappointments and years of rejection… Holy Spirit leads them to this site

When they find their marriage or relationships have hit a brick wall and all hope seems lost… Holy Spirit leads them to this site

When they finally make up their mind about getting out of debt… Holy Spirit leads them to this site. 

When they have prayed for years for that one special person to be saved, to no avail… Holy Spirit leads them to this site. 

When they feel discouraged, like God is far away from them, and all roads seem to lead NOWHERE, no matter what they try… Holy Spirit leads them to this site. 

When poor health or chronic sickness is slowly squeezing life out of them (or someone they know) and the doctors have practically given up on them… Holy Spirit leads them to this site. 

Only a few short weeks … or even days … later,  most of them have something like this to SAY: 


A quick note to let you know that I started my new job on Monday 9th October 2006, after 44 days of prayer and fasting which included the 21 days of Prayer Marathon ( and of course the 3-day Esther fast ). I am very grateful to God for this because this is the first time in 14 years since I obtained my PhD degree that I have a permanent job with an automatic monthly salary.

-- Beatrice, London, UK


"My husband and I were involved in the 21 day prayer marathon.  Within 3 weeks, we had our first major breakthrough!  We had a very unexpected resource send a check in the amount of $5,000!  This is the exact amount I had prayed for.  We give God the glory!!  Thank you so very much for teaching others the 'scriptural way' of prayer.  God bless you continually."

 -- Cindy H, Ohio


"I have great news to share with you.  I took in the prayer marathon December and prayed for my finances, the ministry that God has for me and my future spouse.  January the 17th my husband to be came into my life and we are going to be married in June, is that not WONDERFUL!!!, I am so happy.  God is GOOD."

-- Maggie L, South Africa


"I received a check of over $1000 in the mail, new car, brand new home, plus a new position with a Fortune 100 company... all within 2 months of using these principles (Note: 2 banks recently advised me to file for bankruptcy because of my credit!).

 I've never experienced this kind of rapid breakthroughs in all my years as a Christian and intercessor."

- Rebecca A, Washington


"Yes! And to the glory of GOD, I am able to testify that I just landed my dream job with an oil and gas company!!!! This is the fruit of the Prayerthon we did up until Christmas. I cannot believe the package. It is more than 100% above what I currently earn!"

-- Bola E, Lagos, Nigeria


I fasted and prayed for the Lord to relieve me of my financial debts.  These debts were like a noose around my neck and I was living from pay check to paycheck...It is not yet ninety days and God has answered my prayer.  My mountain of debt was ninety thousand dollars (90,000) and "Glory to God" all my debts are paid and not only that I now have thirty thousand (30,000) dollars in the bank.

- Sandra D
, Belize


Thank you for your teachings concerning dreams.After battling
with a monster who was holding a young man captive in my dream. I was provoked to go to  hospital to pray for HIV patients after a one week fasting and praying although I am not a pastor. In fact all the ten patients I prayed for tested negative, the doctors are now investigating on their medical records.

-- Innocent M, Senegal


"Yes, I Want To Order The 9-Piece Kit 
And Secure My Seat For NEXT Prayer Academy  Right Now>>"


Can you now guess why Holy Spirit leads all these folks to my site? 

Prayer Bullets. 


Meaning: Prayer Points that Work …PLUS
HOW and WHEN to pray them! 


Why is this crucially important for you? 

Because it is a known fact, a cardinal truth in the realm of the spirit, that: 

“There is NO spiritual problem that you cannot solve with the right prayer point.” 

Because if you are on my site reading this letter now, you did not get here by accident… Holy Spirit led you here...  


To show you the way OUT of those problems


To HELP wipe away those secret tears that you cry when no one else is around. 


Literally, when you agree to follow my spiritual “prescription” … I give you prayer points that target and directly address your most challenging problems, plus HOW and WHEN to: 


 Use them for the ANSWERS to manifest …
in the shortest possible time


The Results: An intimate spiritual walk with the LORD, finances released, poverty uprooted, spanking new homes, godly spouses, brand new cars, dramatic healings, new jobs, debts cancelled. 

And much, much MORE. 

In the last few months since I got online to share my little-known “secrets” of prayer, I have received over 1500 documented testimonies like the ones here, plus countless others on the phone. 

What’s more, back when I was doing the PRAYER RIOT sessions in February, it became clear to me that some form of hands-on mentoring and coaching was needed to get some folks over the top … 

And, praise the Lord, as soon as I added that ONE missing element, our success rate nearly went through the roof. Almost OVERNIGHT. 


Because even the most diligent, prayerful believer can hit a brick wall and become discouraged… praying, praying, believing God for a breakthrough. Sometimes, you’re just too close to the problem to realize that the answer to your prayers has already arrived. 


In CODED Form …
Through Dreams Or Visions. 


Other times, you just plain need the help of someone equipped to “discern the times” and … 

Give you that ONE targeted prayer point … that will quicken or “push” your breakthrough into open manifestation. Like this: 


Do you remember me telling you about the vision of people giving me money and then this particular lady gave $1,000.00 but the big black bird came to snatch it away from my hand! But I went ahead and command the "Angelic Executioner of God to execute the bird and also command the fire of God to burn it to ashes".

Well just after finishing that prayer on the 9th...the next day I received $1,572.00 in check.  And on Thursday... after work I went to the bank to withdraw some of my wages to buy our weekly groceries...guess how much was in my bank account!!! $8,000.00. At first I thought someone has put that money in the wrong account but we found out later it is definitely mine.

-- Sisilia H, Australia


"Yes, I Want To Order The 9-Piece Kit 
And Secure My Seat For NEXT Prayer Academy  Right Now>>"


This is why, when I recently held a 21-day PRAYER RIOT aimed at restoring health and youthfulness, all the coaching slots were taken immediately. 

Participants signed up from as far away as Russia… and represented a wide swath of Christians from many denominational backgrounds. 

It was so successful…
I created a real
Book out of that event

And I’ve arranged for you to OWN this miracle printed version of the book I created… without risking a penny. It’s an amazing opportunity that can change EVERYTHING about how you look and feel… and all you need to do is READ

Here are 3 Good Reasons why you need to at least have a LOOK at this book: 

First Good Reason… Just glancing through this easy-to-digest material lays bare the 3 ancient secrets of anti-aging that:


Bible characters utilized to stay perpetually young,
strong and healthy


From Sarah… to Anna… to Moses… to Caleb... 


This biblical, PROVEN “roadmap” for staying young, healthy and disease-free is critical… because expensive, complex wellness solutions that are beyond your budget won’t do you any good. 


What most of us need… is useable “divine health principles
and prayer points” that can be put into action right NOW.


Without needing to hunt for expensive consultations, or be forced to buy high-priced medication/cosmetics, or spend your money on things you don’t really need. 

Second Good Reason… If you are currently facing any health-related problem (or you know anyone who is) it is important for you to realize that today’s healthcare programs are NOT set up to cure you of most ailments completely. 

Only JESUS has an abiding interest in
your total wellness and wholeness. 


Those who manufacture some of the medication you take could be MORE interested in helping you “manage” your problems, instead of giving you an all-out, one-time cure. 

That way they hope to keep you a loyal customer till you go to the grave … while they grow fatter and richer at your expense!

Talk about modern day slavery... to big pharmaceutical companies! 

In this SLIM, result-focused book (it is only 91 pages but it packs real power), I explain step-by-step how you can APPLY scriptural secrets of divine health… to effect gradual and total restoration of your health, while renewing your YOUTH “like the eagle’s.” 

 When I created this book, I was forced to explain everything step by simple step… so you can plainly see the biblical principles behind the prayers. 


This means you are able to SEE
how spiritual secrets in the Bible are
used to deconstruct problems… 


… and SEE how the prayer points to SOLVE these problems are created… 

… and SEE how you can customize and alter the prayer points to fix any other problems you will ever face.


I would like to share my testimony with you.  The prayer for singles and prayer points I used the same for  a new job.  I used to take the print everyday, take it home and I used to change it as my job in place of marriage and I had total faith in the lord that he will perform a miracle. and after the prayer as you told me I put Rs.5000/- to the ministry where we are going and God wonderfully opened a door for me.  I did an act of faith by writing a resignation letter and gave it to Jesus and I tore it believing that I have received the new job.  Wonder the next day I got the call ...

--Jessy E, India



Easily 90% of the results you see on my websites
can be traced to a few 100 or so prayer points. 


"I thank God for what you are doing in my life. I have learnt to create a personal relationship with God  from your prayers and instructions. I have suffered a lot for my one year as a Christian, running after men of God who are never available to pray for me. Man of God you have really mentored me to grow in my spiritual life to another level which is frightening my relatives and friends!"

-- Salamatu S, Cameroon


“This is Annie. Remember me? You had taught me to pray … During the Prayer Riot Phase 2, I kept confessing and praying the prayer points for my daughter who was asked to wear glasses at the age of 2 (her power for both eyes were minus 2.5). Because she was too small she did not wear one. Now during this prayer time she was taken to an optician from her school and the report came totally clean that she has perfect eye sight and she does not have to wear glasses.” 

--  Annie A, Muscat


First of all I would like to say "Thank You."  It has been a powerful week. On today,, my son tried to commit suicide at school. Earlier this morning the Holy Spirit had spoken to me and told me to begin to pray for my son because the devil planned to kill him. I don't remember what I prayed but it was a prayer point

-- Lodie Q, N. Carolina


“I am so elated!!! Remember my "frustrated firstlady" letter I sent you. You told me to use my problems as an opportunity that God can use to teach “your hands to war and your fingers to fight". Well Elisha, the Prayer Marathon taught me just how to do that. The Lord opened up my understanding so much and gave me victory! I cannot believe that in such a short time since I started the marathon, within the second week I was having victories even with my marriage. Right now my husband is the sweetest thing It’s like we just got married!”

-- Empowered Firstlady, Canada


"Yes, I Want To Order The 9-Piece Kit 
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Here's my offer:

Recently, I kicked off a brand new mentoring program entitled, "Prayer Academy"... with 100% focus on helping to train 300 prayer coaches
… for 12 breakthrough weeks. 

The Academy first opened its doors February 16, 2007.

Fewer than 300 people were admitted. 

Out of thousands who had expressed serious interest. 

Those blessed few to QUALIFY and take ACTION in time, you now enjoy  a rare opportunity to learn ALL my secrets and become prayer eagles themselves … so they can help others manifest the exact same kind of blessings you are seeing all over our websites. 

Because many of the new people who have only recently "discovered" this site have been pleading for yet another intensive prayer program like our popular Prayer Marathon or Prayer Riot events… AND

Because it is no longer possible for me to hold another Prayer Riot or even Prayer Marathon session (because I am focused 100% on the Prayer Academy), I have decided to open the vault and allow a few people "access" to some of the  same materials that I shared during the Prayer Marathons.

.And if you follow through and implement my suggestions, you stand to experience a dramatic flood of divine blessings into your life... suddenly and without warning ... within this period and beyond.


Here's How To Receive FREE Confidential, Coaching From Me -- If You Hurry!


Please note -- This is a RARE opportunity. I hardly agree to do email coaching anymore. Because it’s way too demanding. I know hundreds of people on my list who would be waiting anxiously for an opportunity to even receive an invitation. I know they will grab this with both hands.

If this is something you want, please get moving on it RIGHT AWAY.

While this offer is still in front of you. It won’t be here for long.

Please hurry.

See you on the “inside,”

2352 Timbercrest Ave.
Windsor, ON N8P 1S2




PS: One last thing -- I almost forgot...

 89 seats have already been taken. I only admit 300 students in the Prayer Academy at any one time. So that I can give them personalized attention just like Catherine above.  The 7 Lessons of the Prayer Academy contain information and prayer points I have never before shared publicly. After reading this letter I'll ask you to do whatever you feel inspired to do. I believe I have done my part -- by giving you the opportunity to be part of this... 



About two months ago I wrote to you and told you that I needed a new car and a new job. I understand that you are very busy but my sister Abigail Baird sent me the 40 Prayer Points to attract anything in your life and told me to pray the 40 prayer points. 2 months ago I started praying the 40 prayer points to attract a New BMW320i.  I would like to thank you for these miraculous secret ways of praying and also to share my testimonies with you.

Only two months ago I started your prayer points and within the 3rd month I received my car.  3 weeks of praying for my Dream Job and Today I received my letter of appointment. I now have a new BMW 320i and my Dream Job of R25,000.00per month + 1% commission off all the sales people and consultants monthly package.  Praise be to God .

-- Milly B, S/Africa


“In August 2005 my husband I was struggling financially to close the deal on a home that we had purchased, we could not get any where. One day I came in contact with your email I can’t remember how but it was a blessing. Today we are victorious the deal has closed and the home is released to us. To God be the Glory…”

Geraldine B, Jamaica


"My husband has been delivered from alcoholism and is now growing spiritually and God has taken me to another spiritual level."

- Glenda M, California


I have been praying for a car.  All the banks were declining to approve me for vehicle finance because I am not a South African citizen I only have a temporary work permit.  Now I started claiming my car in the Name of Jesus and started binding every hindering forces as you taught.  I went on the three days fast …  I only managed 2 days and 1 night though, but I have received my answer.  The CEO from overseas actually phoned me to say that the Company is buying a car for me…”

Memory, S/ Africa



"Yes, I Want To Order The 9-Piece Kit 
And Secure My Seat For The Prayer Academy Right Now>>"














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